Sound Design

An Acorn

by Caridad Svich

A voice over of the main character is carried by an extensive sound scape that underlies the entire 90-minute piece. As the world around our hero shifts, the intensity of the sound builds and dissipates.

Brown University

Director | Mauricio Salgado

Sets and Lights | Kate McGee

Costumes | An-Lin Dauber

A Hunger Artist

created by Jonathan Levin, Joshua Luxenberg and Joshua William Gelb

based on the short story by Franz Kafka

The Hunger Artist has been sitting in a cage, hungering, for over forty days in the back lot of a traveling circus. He has been hungering so long that his worldview shifts and he no longer knows what is real.

Sinking Ship Productions and The Tank

Director | Joshua William Gelb

Sets and Costumes | Peiyi Wong

Lights | Kate McGee

Beast Thing

by Aleshea Harris

A fictional town is devoured by the inhabitants' sins and their hatred of each other. A primal growl begins a sequence of noises and sounds that are at once familiar yet foreign and scary.

Williams College

Director | Shayok Misha Chowdhury

Sets | Peiyi Wong

Lights | Abigail Hoke-Brady

Video | Kameron Neal


Into the Breeches!

by George Brant

The play takes place during World War II. This preshow announcement has been fashioned into a radio news announcement reminiscent of the era.

Trinity Rep

Director | Tyler Dobrowsky

Sets | Cameron Anderson

Costumes | Olivera Gajic

Lights | Porsche McGovern